This post title will make absolutely no sense unless you read the title of the previous post. To make a long story short, some analysts don’t think that the Apple will debut their new mobile phone tomorrow. Other analysts, however, do. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple’s mobile device / iPod could debut tomorrow.

Someone is obviously mistaken but what is more interesting is that the WSJ is also reporting that Cingular will be the service provider for the new Apple phone.

In contrast with that tidbit, the Washington Post is reporting that some analysts believe that Apple will sell their phone via their own MVNO. Kind of like an Apple version of Virgin Mobile. They’re also reporting that that Apple may just release the phone unlocked so that those who purchase the it can choose their own network (not a bad idea).

So, here is what we know. Apple is going to debut an iTune playing mobile device possibly tomorrow, but, maybe later. This device will run either on Cingular, Apple’s own network, or possibly everyone’s network. The device will cost money, be required to be shut off while taking off and landing, and most likely sell better than any similar device to come before it.

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