The BlackBerry 8820, expected to appear here in the States in the coming weeks on AT&T, has made its initial debut in Spain on Orange.

The BlackBerry 8820 is the first dual-mode BlackBerry handset that combines EDGE/GPRS/GSM cellular and Wi-Fi® connectivity for data access and voice support through UMA (unlicensed mobile access), which reinforces Orange’s convergence strategy and is compatible with its “Unico Empresas” service. The handset supports the 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi standards to provide access over Wi-Fi connections in the enterprise, through public hotspots and wireless home networks.

The BlackBerry 8820, like it’s 8800 predecessor, has GPS and many are calling it the “almost perfect” BlackBerry, lacking only a digital camera that would push it over the edge.

I don’t know if adding a camera to the BlackBerry 8820 would make it the perfect BlackBerry, however, it would be worthy of the conversation. Personally, I would like to see a much better web browser with flash support and the ability to watch streaming video from YouTube and it’s clones.

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