I think that I may have found the perfect BlackBerry case. Unfortunately for me, however, it is for the BlackBerry 8800.

The Classic for BlackBerry 8800 from Vaja is a a leather case with screen protection that fits the BlackBerry 8800 like a skin. From the looks of it, this leather BlackBerry case will offer great protection for your device while allowing you to place your BlackBerry on your Belt or in your pocket.

I am a BlackBerry in the pocket kind of guy for which most leather cases are too bulky to fit into comfortably. The Classic from Vaja doesn’t appear to have that problem.

I am a BlackBerry 7130e user and have no plans on moving to the 8800, however, if Vaja every makes this case for the 7130e or the Pearl, I will buy one the day they become available.

Vaja Classic for BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry Case