BBHub is reporting that the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8800 could be hear as early as mid January.

A very reliable insider source (who is not the guy whose initials are the same as the group who wrote some of those great songs on “Saturday Night Fever”) has sent us verified information Regarding the T-Mobile 8800 BlackBerry

As we’ve heard there will be two versions of the BlackBerry 8800, one with a camera, and one without. The cameraless T-Mobile BlackBerry 8800, according to BBHub’s source, should be out mid to late January. The camera bearing 8800 should follow sometime in mid to late April.

Both the BlackBerry 8800 models will sport Wi-Fi and the cameraless T-Mobile version will be black. The design of the CameraBerry version of the BlackBerry 8800 hasn’t been confirmed, however, there is an 80% percent chance that it will look the same as the T-Mobile cameraless version.

T-Mobile BlackBerry 8800