I recently made a trip to T Mobile to get a sim-card for my BlackBerry Dev Alpha so I could take advantage of some of the mobile features offered on the device. Once inside the store my first course of action was to find where they displayed the BlackBerry phone(s). To my amazement and surprise they actually had a nice clean Bold 9930 and another BlackBerry phone on display looking all nice and pretty.

I was approached by a representative and the first words out of his mouth was a sarcastic ” so you want a BlackBerry ? ” I kinda giggled knowing the expectation and explained to him that I already have a Bold 9930 , I just need a sim card for my other BlackBerry. I then pulled out the Dev Alpha and swiped up to wake the home screen.

As soon as the the representative seen the device his eyes got as big as the State of Texas and he said ” Is that a BlackBerry?” I was like , ” Why yes it is a BlackBerry, not  iPhone not Android , but  BlackBerry…would you like to play with it?”  Well the rest is history , I ended up in that store 2 hours showing the BlackBerry 10 OS to the Manager, 2 store representatives and 3 customers.

Let’s just say BlackBerry 10 will be awesome and I now have 6 new people who follow @BlackBerryHank on twitter as well. I really want all the readers of this great blog to get a taste of just how smooth this OS really is. The folks over at CrackBerry.com put together a nice video showing some of the sweet flow and peek gestures of BlackBerry 10.

Have a look and let us know what you think, we would love some feedback!