We are at the end of another year and there is another “greatest something or other in the last so many years list” of things out, this time PC World’s “50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years” and wouldn’t you know it, a BlackBerry made the list. Actually, the old school RIM 850 circa 1998 made the list. They weren’t calling them BlackBerries back then.

In my opinion, there are some obvious omissions and a few gadgets that made the list that kind of have me scratching my head. How could that little robot vacuum cleaner that takes up to 90 minutes to cover an area that could be cleaned with a human guided vacuum in less than 90 seconds make the list and the Nintendo, or the Macintosh, or the infra-red tv remote control, or the “insert one of 35 to 40 other things that could easily make this list”.