If you are a DJ and own a BlackBerry Playbook then you must get the PaceMaker DJ App to add to your arsenal.

I have been a DJ for many years now…  Actually since my freshman year of high school back in ’88.  As a DJ I have had my fair share of lugging around crates of 12″ records and carrying cd cases to rock parties and various events.  No longer do I carry vinyl or Cd’s and I have been totally digital for yrs now and I love it .

Ever since my purchase of the  BlackBerry Playbook I have been waiting on a nice application for the DJ and recently along came the Pacemaker DJ App.  I must say I was very impressed with this application from first time I loaded an mp3 file into it. What I like most about Pacemaker is the build quality , touch , feel and overall smoothness of the application. You have so many different features including; tone adjustment, gain , bass , treble, echo and re-verb effects to name a few.

Pacemaker also offers the option for auto beat matching which makes mixing two songs as easy as pounding out a BBM to a fellow BlackBerry user. Combined with the ability to cross fade songs into each other, Pacemaker also features the ability to use your head phones for the ultimate beat matching experience.

I have put the Pacemaker app to the test and have already rocked 3 events strictly using  the Pacemaker DJ app exclusively on the BlackBerry Playbook. Right now there is a free trail in App World for download so you may take this awesome application out for a test drive.

If you are a professional DJ or just an average music lover I would highly recommend this application, and, combined with the new BlackBerry Music Gateway, you can truly be hands free walking around and playing the music you love and putting smiles on faces.