Mobile device maker giant Nokia today announced a new Wi-Fi version of their Nokia 9300 smartphone called the Nokia 9300i. The new smartphone will support E-GPRS (EDGE) and WLAN 802.11g. You will still be able to get your email via BlackBerry Connect along with several other BlackBerry”like” mobile email solutions.

One feature that would be really cool is the ability to support voice and Wi-Fi at the same time. This is lacking on most other smartphones that sport Wi-Fi. If it cannot support both simultaneously, at least be able to switch back and forth without having to reboot the device. Not sure on either of these features but one can always hope.

Looks like the device will be released sometime in Q1 next year but I couldn’t find any pricing at this time. The Nokia 9300 sells for about $300 and if we are lucky the Nokia 9300i will be in the same range.

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