For all of you Mac using BlackBerry addicts, Mark/Space has released it’s preview version of The Missing Sync for BlackBerry which allows you to synchronize your BlackBerry with Mac OS X.

The Missing Synch for BlackBerry synchronizes contacts, calendar, tasks, and alarms with Address Book and iCal, but, the really cool thing is that the Missing Synch is Sync Services-savvy.

Sync Services is the sync architecture in Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger”. Because The Missing Sync for BlackBerry interfaces directly with Sync Services, information from other Sync Services-savvy applications, such as Microsoft Entourage 2004, will sync back and forth with your BlackBerry. As more applications ship with Sync Services support, more information will sync with your BlackBerry.

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry will also synchronize iPhoto with your BlackBerry and if you have a BlackBerry Pearl or 8800, your non-protected iTunes playlists.

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry is expected to go on sale sometime this quarter, however, you can download the preview version, which appears to be beta 7 here

The Missing Sync for BlackBerry, Mark/Space