One of the more popular BlackBerry downloads out there is Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones, which I believe has been downloaded several million times. As popular as Facebook for BlackBerry is, it was not without it intricacies.

The word “is” was hard coded into the status screen so whenever you wanted to change your status, the word “is” was always included after your name. Needless to say this annoyed all but 14 of the BlackBerry users that downloaded Facebook for BlackBerry.

To the 14 Facebook for BlackBerry using folks that actually like the hard coded “is” in the status screen, you can stop reading here. For everyone else, we are happy to report that the latest version of Facebook for BlackBerry comes without the hard coded “is”.

You can download the latest version of Facebook for BlackBerry OTA directly to your device right from the Mobile BlackBerry Home Page by visiting from your device’s BlackBerry Browser.