If you were to say that the iPhone was the most hyped consumer electronics device in history, you wouldn’t get an awful lot of argument. Hype, however, doesn’t always equate sales, but, in the case of the iPhone, it does. It really, really does

The iPhone outsold every other smartphone in the U.S. including the BlackBerry in the month of July.

According to research group iSuppli, the iPhone accounted for 1.8% of all U.S. mobile handset sales and they are forcasting the that the device will sell 4.5 million units this year.

Lets put this into perspective for a second. In practically it’s first month of existence, the iPhone outsold all other feature phones in the United States with the exception of the LG Chocolate, the most popular phone, which the iPhone equaled in sales. By the end of the year over 4.5 million iPhones will have been sold. That is an iPhone for over 1.5% of the population in it’s first 6 months.

I know that we are all crazy about our BlackBerrys but we have to give Apple props on the iPhone.