I just read a post on ITWire.com titled “More iPhone rumours but BlackBerry killer? Hardly” and even though I don’t think that Apple’s, yet to be officially announced but we know it’s coming out, iPhone will be a BlackBerry Killer, it will provide more competition to the BlackBerry, specifically the BlackBerry Pearl, than a lot of folks think.

There is no question that the BlackBerry dominates in the corporate smartphone world and Research in Motion isn’t even seriously being challenged by their competitors in this space. The iPhone, however, will play in the consumer smartphone sandbox and although RIM has seen incredible success with the launch of it’s first consumer device, the BlackBerry Pearl, they may only enjoy a four to six month headstart on Apple with the release of the iPhone.

Like I’ve said before, to the first time consumer smartphone buyer, the Apple iPhone will be an attractive alternative to the BlackBerry. To be honest, many of the consumers looking at the iPhone will want one simply because they will perceive it as an upgrade to the iPod, something they are used to upgrading every year or two already.

There is no doubt that BlackBerry users are the cream of the crop when it comes to brand loyalty, however, make no mistake, RIM execs would trade the BlackBerry’s brand awareness and loyalty for that which Apple enjoys with the iPod in a heartbeat.

Just to be clear, I don’t think that Apple will spell the demise of the BlackBerry when they release the iPhone. I do think, however, that the BlackBerry will face competition unlike anything it’s every seen. The way I see it, that’s a good thing. We are bound to see some pretty good innovation in the coming months.

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