BlackBerry10 keeps moving and moving in the right direction, and, once again, more photo’s of the BlackBerry10 L -Series  have hit the net.  The excitement builds for the release of BB10, and, as the images leak, so does the interest of users who currently own a BlackBerry, those who never have owned a BlackBerry, and, those who were previous owners of  a BlackBerry.

As a BlackBerry user I am naturally excited just to see even an image of what could possibly be a game changing device in the current U.S. smart phone market.  BlackBerry10 will be more than just a smart phone.   It will be a total mobile computing platform, and, combined with the BlackBerry Playbook, which, will also have the BB10 OS , you are looking at the total package between a phone and tablet. Let us know what you think!

[via BlackBerryItalia]