Rumors about a iPod / mobile phone hybrid from Apple that will compete with consumer oriented BlackBerrys have been floating around for a while now. We’re not really sure what Apple is going to call the device seeing how the name iPhone is already taken.

Some reports had the iPhone iMobile device from Apple coming out as early as mid Q1 after being debuted at MacWorld this week, however, Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi thinks otherwise.

Apple has not yet received FCC approval for a phone, and our analysis suggests that phones have typically become available two months after FCC approval,” Mr. Sacconaghi wrote Thursday in a report. “It is possible that Apple could introduce the product, and set a future availability date, but we think this represents a low probability.

No FCC approval probably means no MacWorld debut which probably means RIM has a bit more time to get it’s marketing around consumer oriented BlackBerry devices worked out. I’ve been critical of RIM on their efforts of the marketing, or lack there of, on the BlackBerry Pearl to first time BlackBerry buying consumers.

Even though the BlackBerry Pearl has been a huge success for RIM, I don’t believe it has been successful enough with the folks that will flock to any type of mobile device Apple puts out.