BlackBerry Forums supermoderator BoyGenious, the one who first broke news about the BlackBerry Stealth, a.k.a., the BlackBerry 8100, a.k.a., the BlackBerry Pearl, has decided to post some live shots of the RIM’s first CameraBerry that can be found here.

For me, the thing that stands out most is just how thin the BlackBerry Pearl is. There it is on the right next to a Razr and, believe it or not, the Pearl is actually thinner than the Razor.

Now I am sure that a BlackBerry traditionalist or two will read this post and roll their eyes at what I am about to say next, however, for a BlackBerry the Pearl is pretty slick looking as compared to mobile phones in general. This is very important because this device has to have mass appeal to folks who aren’t necessarily looking for a BlackBerry, but a cool cameraphone that it will be easy to send emails from.

BlackBerry Pearl, CameraBerry