Rumor has it that the BlackBerry Pearl 2, code named Komet, could be released by Vodafone as early as September 7th shortly to be followed by an AT&T release in mid-Semptember.

We had been hoping that the BlackBerry Pearl 2 would debut on a CDMA network as we have heard rumors that Sprint will get the BlackBerry Pearl 2 by late Summer or early Fall. One could assume that Verizon would get the device around the same time frame as Sprint.

It is looking like AT&T will get the BlackBerry Pearl 2 first in the United States. This means AT&T will have 3 CameraBerrys before Verizon even has their first. I am an absolute fanatic when it comes to Verizon’s network, however, their lack of handsets and the handicapping of the ones they do have is really starting get on my nerves. I don’t see myself going to AT&T, however, T-Mobile is looking awfully good to me these days.