got its hands on slides detailing the upcoming BlackBerry KickStart’s “Filp Experience” which highlights how the new BlackBerry will work as a flip phone. The BlackBerry KickStart functions pretty much like any other flip phone when it comes to incoming calls. Messaging, on the other hand is where RIM put some real though into how a BlackBerry flip phone should operate.

Messaging – Matching BlackBerry “Holster” Experience

  • Extends to Email, IM, SMS, MMS,
  • Opening the flip auto-opens an incoming message
  • The external LCD lets the user know WHO messaged them and provides a brief preview of the content (if enabled) – allows the user to decide if the wish to open the flip to deal with the message
  • Opening the flip allows the user to deal with the message – just like retrieving a Candy-Bar BlackBerry from its holster
  • BlackBerry Address Book provides Sender Picture, Name, etc… if available
  • Closing flip will be extended to also close/mark read any open messages (same as the BlackBerry when holstered)

To make a long story short, if someone sends you some type of message their picture shows up on the caller ID screen followed by brief snippet of the message. If you open the phone you go right to that message.

I’ve always been a fan of flip phones because of their compact size and I’ve never used a holster with any BlackBerry that I’ve ever owned. I know that the BlackBerry KickStart is first coming out on T-Mobile, but, I will go ahead and ask the question now just to get it out of the way. How long before something like this comes out on Verizon?