This picture, found over on Howard Forums, is a great comparison of just how much smaller the BlackBerry Javelin is compared to the BlackBerry 8800 and even the BlackBerry Curve.

I’ve said since the time when the BlackBerry 7100t first came out that I liked the idea of having a BlackBerry that was the size of a traditional cell phone as compared to a scientific graphing calculator. SureType works for me and I prefer the candy bar size of BlackBerrys that use SureType more so than I do having a full QWERTY keyboard.

The BlackBerry Curve was almost small enough for me to move back to a full QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry. If I didn’t already have a BlackBerry 8130 I probably would have gone with the 8330. The BlackBerry Javelin, on the other hand, is the first BlackBerry with a full QWERTY keyboard that I would actually switch from a SureType device to get. It looks almost as small as a BlackBerry Pearl.