I found the following email in my inbox this morning and though that I would share…

I tried my best to love the iPhone. I stood in line for it for three hours to back in June of last year to get one on the first day. Although 8 gigs wasn’t nearly enough to hold all of my movies the display made having to sync every day worth it. To this day I say that the iPhone is the best music playing, movie watching, web browsing mobile phone ever invented.

The problem for me was that even though my company now supports the iPhone and I can get my work email on it, it is simply painful to type anything more than the shortest of responses. I found that I was pulling my laptop out more than I ever did with my BlackBerry.

I actually started carrying my BlackBerry 8700 again and using it just to send and receive email and what I noticed was that I soon started telling everyone to send text messages to my old number. Giving people one number to call you on and another to text you on is just confusing so I started just giving out my old number.

My iPhone hasn’t rung in almost 2 weeks. I’ve decided to give my iPhone to son and get an iPod Touch and the BlackBerry Bold when it comes out.

I think that I am the same boat as a lot of iPhone owners that used to be BlackBerry owners. The iPhone is the coolest device ever, but, the BlackBerry is the perfect device for sending emails and texting. The iPhone simply doesn’t compete with the BlackBerry on this front.

If I didn’t need to send large amounts of email from my device, I would probably be sticking with the iPhone because it is such a cool device, however, when it comes to work, the iPhone simply doesn’t compare to the BlackBerry.

This comes from an admitted Apple Fanboy that will argue with you to the death about why the Mac as far superior to the PC. I would love to say the same thing about the iPhone, but, at the end of the day the iPhone is just a cool phone and the BlackBerry is… The BlackBerry is the BlackBerry.