Tethering your BlackBerry to your laptop to use it as a wireless modem is nothing new.  Some carriers offer this ability as an additional service for a monthly fee and there are also premium applications such as TetherBerry that provide this ability as well.

The problem in the past has been tethering your BlackBerry to a Mac or Linux based laptop has been very difficult if not impossible.  This, however, is no longer the case with Berry4All.

Berry4All has been tested an confirmed to work on OS X and multiple flavors and version of Linux. The best thing about Berry4All, formerly known as BerryTether, is that it is completely free. Thats right, Berry4All is open source and freely distributed.

If you own BlackBerry and want to get your Mac OS X or Linux based laptop on the internet through your device’s data connection, give Berry4All a try.  You absolutely cannot beat the price…

[Via Berry4All]