Tee Wagers Golf is a cool golf scorecard for the BlackBerry that has built-in game variation such as skins, umbrella, and rabbit.

Features include:

  • Fully functioning golf scorecard.
  • Save your favourite courses.
  • Save your favourite foursome.
  • Email your results.
  • Match Skins: Track your money and score using the TWG skins match tracking system. Easy to follow prompts, clean set up. Easy.
  • Rabbit: Rabbit is a cool version of skins, first player to earn a skin grabs the rabbit for special privelages. Once you are the rabbit, you have the upper edge!
  • Umbrella: Umbrella rewards players who can do it all on the course. Are you a long driver, a pin seeker, deadly putter? When this is the game for you!

I personally am going to check Tee Wagers Golf out at approximately 2:48 but you can get more information about it in the RIMarkable Store.

Download Tee Wagers Golf for BlackBerry