There is a new strategy / puzzle type game out for the BlackBerry and BlackBerry Storm from Toysoft Development, Inc. named TapOMania that kind of reminds of Chuzzle except you only need to get two or more blocks of a pattern in a row instead of three or more.

The goal is to try to remove all of the blocks from the screen or, at least enough of them to continue on to the next level.  Trust me, it is more challenging than it looks.

There are two versions of TapOMania… One specficially for the BlackBerry Storm and one for most other BlackBerry devices.  TapOMania will set you back $3.95 for the Storm or $1.99 for other BlackBerry devices through January 30 after which the price goes up to $4.95 for the Storm and $5.95 for other devices.

You can get a 10 day free trial as well.  Check TapOMania out over at the BerryRevew store