We aren’t sure how long this promotion has been going on or how long it will continue, however, as of right now T-Mobile is offering all of their current BlackBerry devices FREE to BlackBerry developers.

To get in on this deal all you have to do call T-Mobile at 1-866-464-8662 (select option 3) and mention promotional code 7490TMOFAV.

There is some ridiculously small fine print associated with T-Mobile’s RIM BlackBerry Developer Offer.  It is so small that you can’t even make it out what it says without magnifying it, and, even then it is barely legible.

Fine Print

I believe that there is a $50 mail-in rebate and minimums on the month to month plan or 2-year service agreement that you sign up to.

Since you have to call T-Mobile to get this deal, make sure that you ask them about all the fine print that is impossible to read on the site to make sure that you don’t get stuck with something that you didn’t want.

I am sure the question that many of you have is…

Is the T-Mobile RIM BlackBerry Developer Offer really only for BlackBerry developers?

All that I can say is that there is a good chance that if you don’t bring it up when you call in, neither will T-Mobile…

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