If you own a BlackBerry Pearl or newer BlackBerry device listening to music is absolutely something that you can do. The reality, however, is that BlackBerry users simply don’t use their BlackBerry as an MP3 player even though they can.

To put it bluntly, the Roxio Media Manager sucks, plus, you already have a few hundred bucks tied up into your iPod and all of your music is already in iTunes. The convenience of not having to carry around your iPod because you can now put MP3s on your BlackBerry really isn’t all the convenient when you get right down to it because you have to convert everything from iTunes.

This is all going to change with BlackBerry Media Sync.

To make a long story short BlackBerry Media Sync will allow you to transfer music that you have in iTunes directly to your BlackBerry. There aren’t a lot of details yet, however, being able to sync iTunes to your BlackBerry will actually make listening to music on your BlackBerry less of a chore.

For me, my BlackBerry will probably never replace my iPod, however, I can see where I would sync some of my iTunes content to my BlackBerry for those rare times when I don’t have my iPod but still want to listen to or watch something.

BlackBerry Media Sync is not yet available however you can find out more about it here.