For the last month I’ve been running a free trial of a pretty cool call blocking and reverse phone number look up application for the BlackBerry named PrivacyStar.  There are three main pieces of functionality bundled into PrivacyStar.

  1. The ability to block and number in your call log from calling again.  (Used this several times)
  2. A mechanism to report any offending telemarketer to the proper authorities. (Didn’t use it once)
  3. The ability to do a reverse phone number lookup on incoming telephone numbers that you don’t recognize.  (Used this many times)

My thirty day free trial has expired, so, I am faced with decision to either uninstall PrivacyStar or pony up a little cash and purchase the application.  On one hand I like PrivacyStar and use 2 of the 3 main features in the application.

On the other, PrivacyStar, unlike most other applications in its class, has a recurring monthly subscription  as compared to a one time cost and I can’t for the life of me figure out why BlackBerry users would pay it.

What am I missing when it comes to PrivacyStar?

If  PrivacyStar had a one time fee of 5 or 6 bucks I’d pay it in a heartbeat.  I just can’t see coming out of pocket for this every single month.  Is there something obvious about PrivacyStar that I am overlooking?

If you want to try PrivacyStar out for yourself, First Orion, the company behind PrivacyStar is offering Free, no strings attached , 30-Day Trial.