Sprint has finally decided to offer the Cameraless BlackBerry Tour 9630.  I am not quite sure why they didn’t offer this variant when the Tour first came out as a lot of Sprint subscribers who wanted a new BlackBerry without a camera moved over to Verizon as they offered the cameraless model day the Tour was released.

The Cameraless Sprint BlackBerry Tour costs more than the Verizon model as well.  It will set you back $199 after a $100 mail-in rebate.  The Verizon model only costs $149.99 out the door.  That’s half the $300 bucks you have to shell out to get the Sprint model.

Maybe it would be good idea for T-Mobile to buy Sprint.  Hopefully they could show them how to sell mobile devices.

Check out the smartphone/pda section of Sprint’s website for more information.