Well ladies and gentlemen, I am the first one to admit when I am wrong. I still have a hard time believing this, however, Sprint is going to get their branded version of the BlackBerry Curve 8330 out before Verizon.

Although Verizon officially announced their BlackBerry Curve yesterday, the device isn’t coming out until May. Sprint officially announced their BlackBerry Curve today, and, it will be out later this month.

Not only will the Sprint BlackBerry Curve be available this month, it looks a lot better, in my opinion, than the Verizon Curve, and it has a lot more bells and whistles. The Sprint Curve will have the Sprint Music Store, Sprint TV, Sprint Navigation (you may have to pay extra for this), and the on board GPS won’t be locked down (You won’t have to pay extra for this).

On top of all that, the Sprint BlackBerry Curve will only cost $179.99 after instant and mail-in rebates. Granted, this is Sprint and I wouldn’t be shocked at all if some delay cause the 8330 to be pushed back beyond April 30th, however, it sounds and looks like an awfully good deal today.