Our friends over at ten23.com have just released a new location-based social networking applications for the BlackBerry called SpotJots that you absolutely cannot beat the price on.

BlackBerry users can use our SpotJots mobile application to capture notes, photos, video & voice notes and upload them their SpotJots account in real-time. It’s a great tool for life recording, especially since it also stamps each jot with the location where the it was created (users with GPS-equipped BlackBerries will find this especially handy). At your discretion, every time you jot your friends will be notified, and they can see what you’re doing and where you’re doing it. Don’t want to use it for life recording? Not a problem… it can also be used as a personal media manager for backing up data from the device, or as a personal notes recording service. Whatever the application, SpotJots Mobile provides an easy to use interface for managing and sharing your geotagged media.

I haven’t had the chance to download SpotJots and put it through the paces yet so I figured that I would just post a link for SpotJots here and let you check it out for yourself. You can download it OTA directly to your BlackBerry.

If you decide to give SpotJots a go, come back and leave a comment letting us know what you think.