Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend I got together with my family and, as always, took a lot of pictures of and looked at a lot of pictures with the relatives. I don’t really carry photos in my wallet so I put pictures of the wife and kids on my BlackBerry.

I have a digital camera and take pictures of my kids all the time, however, one thing that I noticed about the pictures on my BlackBerry was that they were all pretty dated. When I think about why that was, it is because natively putting pictures onto your BlackBerry is a pain in the you know what.

Enter SplashPhoto for BlackBerry

I have to be honest. I’ve known about SplashPhoto for quite a while, but, unfortunately have never gotten around to take a look at it. I definitely needed to update the photos on my BlackBerry so I decided to give it the once over after taking a bunch of pictures over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I’ve only had SplashPhoto loaded for a few days, however, I can definitely tell you that it is a cool BlackBerry application. As importantly, it is an easy application to use. Those days of having to use a photo editing program to crop and decrease the size of your photos then emailing them to yourself to get them onto your BlackBerry are over.

All you have to do is install the application to your desktop and BlackBerry, set it up to synch with your device, and drag and drop images from where ever they are on your computer to the SplashPhoto Desktop application and you are good to go.

SplashPhoto Desktop allows you to resize and crop, adjust the brightness and contrast, and add your photos to categories that you create. The BlackBerry application easily allows you to re-categorize, email, and view your images individually or via a slide show.

There is a free 30-day trial version that I recommend that every BlackBerry user try out. If you decide to buy it, SplashPhoto will cost you $29.95. Even if you buy and and decide that you don’t like it, SplashPhoto has a 60-day money back guarantee, which is pretty unheard of for that length of time on BlackBerry software.