Because I am a Verizon subscriber I’ve always thought that Research in Motion should come out with CDMA BlackBerrys a lot quicker than they normally do. For those of you not aware, CDMA versions of BlackBerry devices often lag behind their GSM counterparts by a year or more. I am aware that GSM is the world wide global standard and that RIM caters to a global market, not just the United States, however it kind of sucks wait for so long to get what GSM subscribers got many months ago.

Even though I am aware that GSM is the global standard, I can’t say that I understand RIM’s decision to launch CDMA BlackBerrys so long after the GSM version. I’ve heard that more CDMA BlackBerrys are sold right here in North America than all the GSM BlackBerrys sold everywhere else, but, I digress. What I am really wondering is if the fact the iPhone is sold exclusively on AT&T here in the U.S. should prompt RIM to get next generation BlackBerrys out in CDMA variants as quickly as possible?

We know that the BlackBerry Thunder is coming out on CDMA, and in fact, will only ever be available from Verizon, but, how cool would it be if the BlackBerry Bold or even the BlackBerry Javelin were coming out on Verizon as well.

From what we’ve heard, not too many BlackBerry users are switching to the iPhone, however, a hell of a lot of Verizon, Sprint, and Alltel subscribers not using BlackBerrys are switching to AT&T so that they can get the iPhone. I would be willing to bet that many of those users would at least take a look at a BlackBerry if it was the latest and greatest RIM had to offer. Unfortunately they only have devices that have been around for as long as a year on the other networks to choose from and sadly to say, they just aren’t as compelling as the iPhone.

I have a feeling that the BlackBerry Thunder will be a big hit with first time BlackBerry using Verizon subscribers. I think that the BlackBerry Bold, on the other hand would be a big hit with both new and existing BlackBerry users. Maybe the BlackBerry Thunder is the start of a new game plan from which we will see next generation devices on come out out on CDMA in close proximity to their GSM counterpart, however, if it isn’t, it probably should be…