As you read the title of this post you may be thinking, “But, isn’t there already a Google Voice client for the BlackBerry”, and, you would be correct.  Google released both Google Voice for BlackBerry and Android just over a month ago.

The Google Voice for BlackBerry application works and does what it is supposed to do, however, there are no bells and whistles, and, judging by the polish that most other Google Apps for BlackBerry have, one could reasonably assume that Google purposely made the official Google Voice for BlackBerry app as drab as humanly possible while still maintaining what little functionality they did include.

I can’t say that I blame Google for adding a lot more functionality on the Android Google Voice app…  They do have an operating system to try to sell that competes directly with the BlackBerry.  The door, however, has been left wide open for a developer to create a really good third party Google Voice client for the BlackBerry, that in my opinion, could see similar popularity to the current plethora of BlackBerry Twitter clients once Google Voice invites become more readily available.

If I were a BlackBerry developer and wanted to create an application that could potentially catch the eye of just about every BlackBerry user with a Google Voice account (there eventually will be millions of them) a Google Voice client for BlackBerry is what I would start working on…