I don’t talk about SocialScope, the third party Twitter/Facebook client for BlackBerry that has been in beta longer than most Google services, all that often simply because it is so hard for most BlackBerry users to get.  SocialScope is in closed beta and has been since December of 2008.

That being said, SocialScope has been updated and more Social Scope invites are coming later this week.  If you use Facebook and/or Twitter, stop what you are doing, head over to http://www.socialscope.net, and sign up for an invite into the private beta.  I can’t promise that you will get in, however, if you do, you will get to tinker around with arguably the best BlackBerry Facebook client I’ve ever seen.  The Twitter capabilities aren’t too shabby either…

What’s New in SocialScope .129?

  • Full Facebook Experience — We’ve upped our Facebook experience 1000x with Facebook Friends list, Facebook pages, Full Facebook Profiles, Private Messages and Notifications.  SocialScope is the best way to use Facebook on your BlackBerry.
  • Inbox Integration — Powerful inbox integration allows you to select exactly which messages appear in your BlackBerry inbox.
  • Mute — Tired of hearing from a user, application(farmville!) or topic? Now you can block those updates.
  • Reduced Battery Usage — We’ve tuned, tweaked and optimized SocialScope to dramatically reduced battery usage. The most powerful social networking app now also the most power efficient.
  • Interface Tweaks — SocialScope is faster and easier to use.  We’ve made interface tweaks through out the app based on your feedback.
  • Invites (coming later this week!) — You’ve been asking for a way to share SocialScope with your friends and we’ll be delivering that later this week.
  • Lots of Bug Fixes — We went bug hunting and fixed many issues including url shirking, removing Twitter accounts and location lookup.