If you are a Verizon BlackBerry user there is a good chance that you’ve already had the installer icon for Social Beat for BlackBerry pushed to your device.

Social Beat is a social networking client that allows you to connect to multiple networks all from one the same client. Think Social Scope, but, not in a state of never ending beta and attainable by all Verizon BlackBerry users.

Social Beat connects to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail, and Google Talk and has the ability to display RSS feeds.  There are, of course, individual applications for each of these social networking sites, however, combining them into a single application saves a lot of space which we all now is precious on all but the newest BlackBerry devices.

If the installer icon for Social Beat has been pushed to your Verizon BlackBerry yet and you don’t want to wait to give the app a try, you can download Social Beat OTA via the following links for your specific Verizon BlackBerry device.

Social Beat for the 9650. (must be close to being released)
Social Beat for the Curve 8530.
Social Beat for the Tour 9630.
Social Beat for the Storm 9530.  (Not the smoothest application for the Storm)