Episode #35 of the SMRpodcast, 160 Million Fish in a Barrel, is up and ready for download.


Hosts: Rod Simmons, Chris Ashley, Brent Harman
Recorded: September 5th, 2010
Published: September 6th, 2010
Duration: 1hr 26Min 49Sec


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BlackBerry Ironically names their clamshell phone the “Style”

  • Rod Chris and Brent just Rail the U_G_L_Y phone

Apple press event last week

  • Rod can’t believe the Netflix Integration is not backwards compatible with older Apple TV
  • Brent is disappointed that they did not go with the iPhone 4 Body style for a bigger battery
  • Chris actually likes the new iPod Touch

There were a ton of new Android Tablets announced

  • Brent goes over all the new tablets and some of the pros and cons
  • Chris says that if they are more expensive than the iPads they missed the mark

Microsoft had a few announcements this week

  • Chris was excited that Windows Phone 7 went Code Complete last week
  • Brent mentions that Bing an Android is actually pretty good
  • Rod agrees that battery life on a smartphone just should not be expected

Craigslist pulls adult ads replaces it with “Censored”

  • Brent is not sure that they are going to be able to make the censorship argument
  • Chris is worried about Senators going after websites


NASA HD for iPadAmazon TV shows for .99 cents (iPad App / Cheap Videos ) Rod Simmons (SimpleMobileReview)

Horns by Joe HillHeart Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Awesome Drop for AndroidFlipboard for iPad (Online File sharing / Social Website Aggregator ) Brent Harman (SimpleMobileReview)

Logitech Z313 Speaker System ( Desktop Speaker System ) Chris Ashley (SimpleMobileReview)