Episode #94 of the SMRpodcast, It Is Like Sifting Through Sewage, has been recorded, posted online, and is ready for download. This week we talk Football antics and Thanksgiving dinner. The conversation shifts into Blackberry Playbook sales and a nice debate over rooting the Playbook and the security implications. Finally we talk about Microsoft’s phenomenal Xbox sales, Nokia’s press event and their new device.


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  • Recorded: November 30th, 2011
  • Published: December 1st, 2011
  • Duration: 01hr 17min 00sec
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Opening Thoughts

  • We talk about some of the Football antics that went on last week
  • We also talk about Thanksgiving dinner
  • Rod lets us know if he only ate ham last week

What is going on with the Playbook

  • Rod brings up RIM lowering the price  of the Playbook again
  • Robb says that they may get the same effect as the HP Touchpad
  • Robb also says that there may be a root for the Playbook

Does a root of the BlackBerry Playbook spell trouble for RIM’s Security

  • Rod says with root access security is compromised
  • Robb says that he believes the way email is run on the device there will not be an issue
  • Chris agrees with Rod

We talk about tether for iPhone getting pulled out of the App store

  • Chris says that he is rooting for tether and team to get their app back in
  • Rod says they should just sell it to the jail-breaking community
  • Robb says that they can not be surprised that the app got pulled

Microsoft sells over 800,000 Xboxes this weekend

  • Robb says Chris almost convinced him to get another Xbox
  • Rod says that he was one of those people that got a new one
  • Chris says he does not understand how people deal with the crowds
  • We also discuss the new rumor of a Nokia 900 device launching next year

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