Robb Switches to Android as a primary phone

  • Rod calls Robb out for switching phones
  • Robb says that he is not switching from BlackBerry

Kin 1 and Kin 2 are making a comeback

  • Rod says that Verizon has lowered the data plan
  • Robb says the probably have a ton of them in the warehouse
  • Chris thinks that if Verizon backs the phone properly it will sell

Rod talks about his Windows Phone 7

  • Robb wants to know how good the device it
  • Rod Mentions that the Zune implementation is not as good as the Zune HD
  • Chris talks about how fluid it is

Kinect Sells 1 Million units already

  • Rod says that the numbers are impressive
  • Chris says that it was sold out at Best Buy

Blackberry Playbook Comparison video

  • Robb says the Playbook way faster than iPad
  • Rod said it looks like a really nice device
  • Chris is wondering how big the device is


Opening Song

Leave with Me by Mateus – YouTube