It was a fun 129th episode of the SMRPodcast where we started out without Rod but he ends up joining us for the show. We laid out a few PSA’s for our listeners but we did get into some interesting discussions about the Apple Account hack that occurred, BlackBerry getting other manufacturers to build their devices, and Windows 8 adoption predictions. We also touch on Apple’s pulling the YouTube app from iOS and Nokia’s planned announcement of Windows Phone 8 devices.

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  • Recorded: August 7th, 2012
  • Published: August 8th, 2012
  • Duration: 01hr 17min 00sec


Opening Thoughts

  • Rod is out so we have to clown him a little with this next episode of Chicken Wings and Beer
  • Robb provides a PSA for Facebook users
  • Rod actually makes the show

We talk about the huge Apple account hack that happened to @Mat

  • Rod explains how they accomplished the hack
  • Robb feels bad for him
  • Chris still throws in a Microsoft backed jab

BlackBerry head Thorsten Heins makes an interesting statement about RIM

  • Robb explains RIM possible tactic to sell BlackBerry 10 devices
  • Rod says it is not going to work
  • Robb also talks about other ways RIM can make money

Apple pulling the YouTube app from iOS

  • Robb thinks it is a good thing if Google has their own app
  • Rod points out that they could replace Google Sear too
  • Chris thinks they can certainly use Bing instead of Google

Nokia to announce Windows Phone 8 September 5th

  • Chris points to the rumor of three devices being announced
  • Robb says devices must be available sooner than November

Windows 8 went RTM

  • Robb wants to know if it will be adopted as well as Vista
  • Chris says yes it will
  • Rod points out what could prevent adoption from happening

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