Episode #115 of the SMRpodcast, Mr. Telephone Man, has been recorded and is now available.   This week we’ve got a “Just the Two of Us” episode where Rod and I hold it down while the big fella is on the road.

BlackBerry dominated our conversation this week as BlackBerry World 2012 kicked yesterday in Orlando.  We talk BlackBerry 10, the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Device, the $10,00 quality app guarantee for developers, and more.

We also touch on the Microsoft / Barnes & Noble deal, Hulu potentially requiring cable subscriptions for access to “free” content, and if Apple is right to figure out how to pay less taxes.

Have a listen…

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Show Details

  • Recorded: April 24th, 2012
  • Published: April 25th, 2012
  • Duration: 01hr 16min 00sec




BlackBerrry 10 Initial Thoughts

  • Robb is hurt and wants RIM to earn his respect again
  • Rod is Rod and wants new technology

Microsoft and Barnes and Noble start a company and settle a dispute

  • Will the Courier make a comeback?
  • Will Windows 8 on the Nook help combat Amazon

Is Hulu Dead?

  • Robb understands (doesn’t necessarily agree with)  the change Hulu is making
  • Rod and Robb both agree that MSNBC, CNBC, FoxNews all need to come to Hulu

Chris feels the pain of LTE

  • Chris realizes the LTE can kick the life out of a battery
  • Rod admits he talks 6,000 minutes per month on his mobile
  • Robb tells the story of how to save battery life

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