I had to do a bit of traveling this week, so, we recorded episode #107 of the SMRpodcast a day early.  This week week we talk about a few issues with the BlackBerry PlayBook.  Rod has discovered gamining, and, we touch on Windows 8 preview.  We’ve got all this and more, plus, our picks after the jump…


Show Details

  • Recorded: March 6th, 2012
  • Published: March 7th, 2012
  • Duration: 01hr 11min 00sec



Opening Thoughts

  • We are recording early because Robb is travelling
  • Rod brings up one of his flying horror stories

Robb has been tinkering with his playbook

  • Rod is wondering if Robb has been having issues on Playbook 2.0
  • Robb says that he is using his playbook less because the lack of apps
  • Chris is wondering what are some basic apps the playbook is missing

We talk about Apple hitting 25 billion app downloads

  • Rod wants to know if this will change the way people buy apps on computers
  • Robb says that people will still want to install full apps
  • Chris explains how Windows 8 will work with apps

Did Google Invade a person’s privacy

  • Rod brings up a story where a man was caught in a Google street view image
  • Chris says that Google definitely did not do the right thing
  • Robb says that he had no expectation of privacy

Will an Apple deal to stream TV Shows ala-carte hurt the cable companies?

  • Chris says that it would definitely hurt them
  • Rod wants to know if a more intuitive guide would be an incentive
  • Robb says this is a way to cut the cable
  • We all agree that this option would be better for the consumer

Picks of the Week