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This week we talk a lot about the release of BlackBerry PlayBook  OS 2.0, and, I give my first impressions at RIM’s second stab at at a tablet operating system.

We also getting Google Privacy issues, and a few new Windows Phone devices slated to hit store shelves soon..


Show Details

  • Recorded: February 21st, 2012
  • Published: February 22nd, 2012
  • Duration: 01hr 16min 00sec



Opening Thoughts

  • Rod talks about why he missed some big announcements today
  • Chris still gives him a hard time

We talk about the BlackBerry Playbook Version 2.0

  • Robb says that he was able to install it and liked what he saw do far
  • Chris says he really likes the remote control feature
  • Rodd is considering switching back to the PlayBook

We talk about Google circumventing users privacy

  • Chris recaps the issue of Google tricking IE and Safari into accepting third party cookies
  • Robb says that a company that has so many free services will do whatever to make money
  • Rod help explains how wrong Google’s position is

Microsoft releases a video showing off new SkyDrive features

  • Chris talks about the new features demoed in the video
  • Robb says that he would love a service that could hold all his files
  • Rod says the new integration looks a lot smoother

Other Topics

  • Two New Windows Phones leaked out
  • Netflix Brings Back $7.99 DVD Only Plan

Mentioned Links

Microsoft video against Google Apps

SkyDrive integration video


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