We recently recorded SMRpodcast #101, Finger in a Light Socket which is now online and ready for download.  This week Rod is back off vacation and airs his list of pet peeves with the Google Nexus.  We talk a lot about the leadership change at RIM and Chris is annoyed by negative review of Windows phone.

Have a listen…  [podcast]http://traffic.libsyn.com/simplemobilereview/smrpodcast-101_-finger-in-a-light-socket.mp3[/podcast]

Show Details

  • Recorded: January 24th, 2012
  • Published: January 25th, 2012
  • Duration: 01hr 18min 30sec



Opening Thoughts

  • We jump right into RIM’s CEO shake up
  • Rod says the new CEO has already made the wrong statements
  • Robb says that the stock prices are taking a hit
  • Chris says it’s still time for RIM to adopt Windows Phone

We talk about Rod’s vacation and travelling with just a tablet

  • Rod says the iPad really slowed down his productivity
  • Robb switched to his laptop because he saw the same problem
  • Chris talks about travelling with just the Acer Iconia

Chris Had a debate on another site about a Windows Phone review

  • Chris took issue with the reviewer missing a few features
  • Robb says that is difficult to separate what you are used to in a review
  • Rod points out an issue with a complaint about screen resolution

Nokia already accounting for almost half of the Windows Phones

  • Chris says that it is not surprising but good for Nokia
  • Robb says it makes sense as this is the only Phone they are pushing
  • Rod agrees with Robb

Rod talks about some intuitive features of the iPhone vs. the Galaxy Nexus

  • Rod points out some subtle things that make the experience on an iPhone better than Android
  • Robb is wondering if any phone will make Rod Happy

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