When of the best pieces of electronic gadgetry to come out in the past few years is the Slingbox from Sling Media. The Slingbox is a little gizmo that allows you to control your DVR, cable box, satellite receiver or any other type of TV entertainment you have as well as watch live TV via an internet connection.

Slingplayer is the utility that allows you to control your Slingbox over the internet on your PC and Slingplayer Mobile can do the same from a Windows Mobile powered PDA or smartphone. Slingplayer Mobile clients are currently in beta for Palm and Symbian powered devices, however, unfortunately, no one seems to be able to get a clear answer on if Sling Media is working on Slingplayer Mobile for BlackBerry.

While getting briefed on Sling’s CES announcements a few weeks ago, I did inquire about Blackberry support. They are aware of consumer interest in such a product, though I wasn’t able to determine if something is or is not being developed at this time. Either way, I wouldn’t expect support in the near future.

Hardware limitations have prevented Sling Media for creating a mobile Slingplayer for the BlackBerry. This is not the case with next generation BlackBerry devices starting with the BlackBerry Pearl, however. Seeing how there are more BlackBerrys floating around than any other smartphone, it’s kind of odd that Sling Media has yet to announce a Slingplayer Mobile for BlackBerry especially with the BlackBerry 8800 launch just being around the corner.

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