In episode #9 of the Simple Mobile Review Podcast we interview Patrick Hankinson, one of the founders of Tether, formerly TetherBerry.

You don’t want to miss this episode…  Patrick has a little something for listeners.

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Show Topics

Interview with Patrick Hankinson

  • We are very happy to Patrick Hankinson of Tether join us for a great interview.
  • We cover what is Tether and what are it’s benefits.
  • We also cover how they got started and much more

BlackBerry Slider Pictures Leaked

Robb covers the BlackBerry Slider leaked by

LG to release first Windows Phone 7

Apple Sues HTC

  • Is Apple trying to cut off the knees to get to Google and Microsoft?
  • Will Microsoft and Google aid in HTC’s defense?
  • Are the patents even valid?

No Upgrade from Phone 6.x to Phone 7

  • Everyone agrees this is the correct action from Microsoft.

Android Phone with Yahoo Search or Bing Search

  • Chris said this is a kick in the pills to Google

Picks of the Week

Special Thanks to Ty from Legion Steel for the Music

The song we used in this podcast was Know You Better.

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Booking: Ty at ChamberMasters dot com