Episode #6 of the the Simple Mobile Review Podcast is up.


Show Topics

  • Microsoft buying RIM rumors surface again
    • All Things Digital says Microsoft is Warm to the idea
    • How does this benefit Microsoft?
    • What about the Web Browser?
  • Google Drops Early Termination Fee on Nexus One from $350 to $150
    • They had too!!
  • Linus Torvalds says Google’s Nexus One First Mobile Phone I Don’t Hate
    • Go figure the inventor of the Linux kernel likes a phone based on his work.
    • Chris says this article is a bit fishy.
  • Google to build ultra-fast broadband networks
    • How fast? Really fast!
  • Google Buzz
    • Is this the next big social network Rob says no
    • What are the chances against Twitter and Facebook?
    • Why does Google fail at Social Networking? Chris’s thoughts get beat up by Rob and Rod
  • More iCensorship from Apple
    • Apple wont allow location based ads on iPhone.
    • Rod is wondering why do some podcasters condemn China but give Apple a pass for the same behavior?
  • Facebook Makeover causing Blackberry woes
    • We comment on using Facebook

Mentioned Links

How does anybody compete against Google for ads

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