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Hosts: Rod Simmons, Chris Ashley, Brent Harman, Robb Dunewood
Recorded: July 25th, 2010
Published: July 26th, 2010
Duration: 1hr 17Min 32Sec



RIM’s BlackBerry Slider Possibly at AT&T on August 15th

  • Rod is wondering if Robb is switching to AT&T
  • Robb gives us a predictable answer
  • Chris says that RIM should not have upgraded any phones
  • Brent tells how NOT to update a BlackBerry

Windows Phone 7 Tech Preview Last week

  • Chris is even more excited about what he saw
  • Rod admits that the phone is looking good
  • Robb is wondering how Microsoft will market Phone 7
  • Brent says he wants a Texas size Phone

Apple had some sour grapes this week.

  • Rod is wondering does this make Apple look bad
  • We all agree that it does
  • Brent says that Apple looks lame
  • Robb agrees with that and makes it the word of the day

Microsoft slips some news in this week too

  • Chris mentions that the ‘”Hubs” on windows phone 7 has more functionality than we first thought
  • Rod says that he really likes what he is seeing

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Xobni for BlackBerry / LinkedIn for BlackBerry ( Contac Management /  Business Contacts ) Robb Dunewood (RIMarkable)

Flipboard for iPad / Fartbomb for Android mobile ( Website Aggregator / Funny Farting App ) Rod Simmons (SimpleMobileReview)

AppBrain ( Android app installer ) Brent Harman (SimpleMobileReview)

Jabra Cruiser (Bluetooth Speakerphone) Chris Ashley (SimpleMobileReview)