Epidsode #28 of the Simple Mobile Review Podcast is up.  Regular subscribers may have noticed that we’ve changed the day that the show is recorded and aired.  At least for the rest of the summer, the SMR Podcast will be recorded on Sunday nights as compared to Wednesday.

In this episode, as you can imagine, we talk a lot about Apple’s press event last Friday, Antenna Gate, as Steve Jobs referred to it.  Let’s just say that Mr. Jobs threw out quite a few statistics without context.  Research in Motion had a big week as well…


Hosts: Rod Simmons, Chris Ashley, Brent Harman, Robb Dunewood
Recorded: July 18th, 2010
Published: July 19th, 2010
Duration: 1hr 30Min 41Sec



Apple’s press conference for the iPhone 4 issue

  • Rod says that Steve Jobs had a very condescending tone during the conference
  • Robb goes on the offensive and puts some perspective on Steve’s Blackberry thoughts
  • Brent really dissects Steve’s statistics
  • Chris thinks that Steve

BlackBerry was supposed to have the news this week

  • RIM, Nokia, Apple, and Google all bid for Palm
  • Robb says that RIM really dropped the ball here
  • Rod says he likes some of the features he saw in OS6
  • Chris is wondering if RIM is doing too little too late
  • Brent mentions that some of his friends didn’t know there was an app store for their BlackBerries

Verizon sold Out of Droid X online

  • Rod says that he is no longer considering getting this phone
  • Brent explains what the eFuse chip does to the phone
  • Robb says that he wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon put the chip on all of their phones

Microsoft slips some news in this week too

  • Chris mentions that the ‘”Hubs” on windows phone 7 has more functionality than we first thought
  • Rod says that he really likes what he is seeing

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