We’ve got another good show for you in episode #17.

With it being WES2010 week we talk a lot about  BlackBerry.  We also hit HP acquiring Palm, the iPhone 4 prototype / Gizmodo saga, our weekly picks, and much, much more.

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Robb’s RIMarkable site had a bad day

  • Robb Lets us know what happened
  • Chris and Rod change their site habits

RIM 2010 WES

  • Robb says that he is not that impressed with RIM’s new 6.0 OS
  • Rod says he needs to see it without all the dancers
  • Chris says he likes the Cisco Phone integration

HP buys Palm

  • Robb says that it was wishful thinking for RIM to get them
  • Chris says HTC should have got them for that price
  • Rod says that HP Slates and NetBooks could see a new OS

Gizmodo Editor’s Laptop seized by Police

  • Rod says can legality be based on their intent
  • Chris says no
  • Robb says yes

Next Android Release will have full Flash support

  • Chris says this is a big deal
  • Rod says that he does not think so
  • Robb says that the sooner the better for Google

HTC is paying Microsoft Royalties

  • Microsoft says that Android infringes on their patents
  • Rod says that their is some back door deal between them
  • Chris says there must be something to these claims
  • Robb agrees with Chris

Windows Home Server beta released

  • Chris and Rod go over the specs

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Picks of the Week

Buzz Me – ( BlackBerry Ring Profie) Robb

Tripit Pro ( Travel App )– Rod

FreeCaddie ( Golf GPS )– Chris