The latest episode of the Simple Mobile Review Podcast may be our best one yet.  We talk RIM being out of touch and that craptastic looking BlackBerry 9730 clamshell, Gizmodo gets their hands on an iPhone 4 prototype, and I’m still playing around with Foursquare…  All that and more, plus our picks of the week



Is Rim out of Touch?

  • The BlackBerry Flip just looks awful
  • Robb is not happy with the latest device thinks they may need a Focus group
  • Rod really dislike this phone

Gizmodo gets a hold of the iPhone 4.0 prototype

  • Robb says this was no accident
  • Rod says there are certain merits to the Legal aspect of some News and Bloggers points
  • Chris says he should never have left the phone if it is a real accident

Universities are banning he iPad because of DHCP issues

  • Robb says that they have every right to
  • Chris and Rod agree with Robb

Adobe suing Apple

  • Rod says there are some legitimate reasons for Apple to block Adobe’s code
  • Chris is interested to see on what grounds
  • Robb says Gangster Steve is at it again

More Windows Phone 7 information leaked

  • Chris doesn’t mind some of the requirements
  • Rod says that Microsoft Handling update is the way it should be

Robb 4 Square Update

  • Robb says he is still suing it
  • Rod says he is really surprised

Mentioned Links

Picks of the Week

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

NewsRack for iPad

Google Maps