There probably aren’t too many BlackBerry users that would claim that they don’t use their device outside of business hours. The big question, however, is should these employees get paid overtime when they do?

ITWeeks Martin Courtney feels that “Just because mobile technology allows us to keep in touch with the office 24/7, we should not feel obliged to do so.”

What is needed is a clever piece of enterprise software that records each time an employee logs in to check email, and tots up the number of minutes or hours they spend outside normal office hours reading or replying to work-related messages.

Personally, I feel that even though I use my BlackBerry outside of regular work hours, doing so actually allows me to leave the job a lot closer to 5:00 than I ever did before I got my first BlackBerry.

Do you think you should get paid overtime for working on your BlackBerry outside of work hours? Let us know…