If you go back to the the latter part of September, Research in Motion’s stock price (ticker RIMM) was over $88 per share.  At the time of this posting the price is down below $56.  A Large chunk of this decline was because of poorer than expected Q2 fiscal 2010 earnings where the stock price got hammered over a day and a half long period.  Things, however, seemed to settle down with not much movement, up or down, through most of October.

This was the case, at least, until Google announced Android 2 and Verizon started hyping the upcoming Verizon Droid while almost completely ignoring the BlackBerry Storm2.  RIM’s stock price has dropped about another 10 bucks since the Android 2 announcements.

Should RIM be worried about Android? I am guessing that they should at least be concerned…  I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.